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Monday, April 14, 2008

Getting Acquainted Exercises
To Hell in a Handbasket
Taking on Our New Identity
Youngsuk "Y.S." Chi - Chi_BSEC_Speech.doc
Youngsuk "Y.S." Chi - Chi-BSEC_Slides_041408.ppt
Web 2.0 – Buzzwords or Business?
After the Deal Is Done
Getting Past the Challenges of Digital Distribution
Social Media and Business: Users Building Mission-Critical Content
John Blossom - Blossom-BSeC-2.ppt
Jim Fowler - Fowler-BSeC-2.ppt

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Anticipating Their Next Moves
Power Point Presentation - econtent-2008-04.pdf
Content Discovery and the Search for Mind Share
John Barnes - Barnes-BSEC08.ppt
Randy Marcinko - Marcinko-BSEC08.ppt
Chase Norlin - Norlin-BSEC08.ppt
Raul Valdes-Perez - Valdes-Perez-BSEC2008f.ppt
Reinvented Contents, or How Data Never Looked So Good
Darrell Wayne Gunter - GUNTER-BSEC2.ppt
Watch QuickTime Video -
Russell Perkins - Perkins-BSEC2008c.pdf
The Buyers Meet the Sellers — Driving Business With Win/Win Relationships
Networking Lunch & Private Meeting Opportunities
Capitalizing on the New Content Landscape